The Association aims to:

- Promote and implement initiatives and exchanges between Italy and Burma/Myanmar aimed at supporting their institutional, economic and social actors and civil society organizations in the promotion of democratization and reconciliation of the country, of the rule of law, respect for human and labour rights, in the implementation of responsible economic relations, trade, business and investment based on full compliance with international standards related to rule of law fundamental human rights, labour rights and environmental sustainability, and in particular with the UN Declaration on Human Rights, the ILO fundamental Conventions, the OECD Guidelines on Multinationals, the UN principles on Business and human rights.

- Promote research and training activities on issues related to economic development and social policy, the promotion of rule of law, cultural issues, the specificities of ethnic and social issues.

- Develop information activities and training of young people and women.

- develop the diffusion of cultural exchanges between Italy and Burma/Myanmar.

- Promote and carry out, jointly, with different actors, the political and social organizations of the two countries, studies and research, conferences and seminars on issues related to the economic political and cultural development, governance, efficient institutions development, the social inclusion and justice of Burmese society and to enhance and promote ties between Italy and Burma/Myanmar.

- Cooperate in promoting exchanges between universities and students in order to promote knowledge and exchanges on historical, political, economic and social issues of common interest.

- Organize conferences and seminars on topics of those disciplines; - Cooperate with other national, Burmese, international, governmental or private organizations for the implementation of the purposes of the Association.

- Support through training initiatives the development of social dialogue, the implementation of international UN, ILO, OECD instruments aimed at promoting responsible investment, transparency, combating corruption and to enhance the specificity and cultural diversity in the various Ethnic States.

- Promote and develop cultural exchanges in the historical, political, economic and social themes with universities, Associations, associations, institutes, etc.. of the two countries, European and international organization.

- Carry out any other cultural activity falling in the aims of the institution. - Be entitled to enter into agreements with public and/or private entities.

- Be able to participate in other associations, Associations and public and private institutions related to the purposes of the Association.

The Association will provide regular updates on macroeconomic environment, human rights, political developments, Data on companies, potential labour market and vocational training, markets, responsible investments, natural resources / environmental protection / pollution.



PIERO FASSINO,  Member of Parliament, Former Mayor  of City of Turin, former EU Special Envoy for Burma /Myanmar, and President of the Italy -Myanmar Chamber of Commerce.

CECILIA BRIGHI  former Deputy Director of International Affairs Department of CISL, former member of the ILO Governing Body, former member of the board of EU Foundation on living and working condition and of ICE Italian Institute for Foreign Trade consultative Council.

RAFFAELE MORESE, Former Undersecretary of Labour and President of Confservizi, the national Confederation representing Public Local Services, Member of the National Council for Economy and labour (a constitutional Body)

ENZO SCOTTI, Former Minister of Interior and former Undersecretary of State, now is the President of Link Campus University.

MAURIZIO ZANDRI, Professor Link Campus University, former Director General of Sudgestaid, an Italian non-profit organisation, with public sector participation, engaged in promoting and managing local sustainable development projects, providing assistance to public administrations and civilian populations in troubled regions in Italy and all over the world.

UGO ESPOSITO, Director of Kapusons a communication and software company working on social issues.

FRANCO ISEPPI, President of the Italian Touring Club


President: ENZO SCOTTI

General Secretary: CECILIA BRIGHI


Enzo Scotti

Cecilia Brighi

Raffaele Morese

Maurizio Zandri